Roof Tarps: The Best Tarps to Use to Secure Your Roof and Tarps to Avoid

If you’re a homeowner or a tradesman like a builder or tiler, you’ll know that roof tarps are a useful tool to have in your arsenal of equipment. Roof tarps are perfect when it’s time to do some much-needed renovations to your home. You can use roof tarps to cover your home’s exposed framework during construction to protect it from the elements or cover a leaking tile on your roof until you’ve had time to repair it.

Before buying a roof tarp

But before purchasing any roof tarps, you’ll need to consider a few important points. Now, considering you’ll use roof tarps outside in presumably, all kinds of weather, you’ll want to buy a waterproof roof tarp. A waterproof tarp will protect your home from rain damage as well as harsh UV rays.

And you’ll want a roof tarp that’s tough enough to withstand cyclonic winds, hail, and heavy rain. If you live in Queensland, you’ll know that we have some of the best sunshine in the country. However, the sunshine state is also known for its crazy storm season! Many Queensland residents suffer severe storm damage to their homes such as falling trees, loss of electricity, car, and property damage. Some Queenslanders have even lost the roof off the family home! So, in preparation of our unpredictable weather conditions, it’s handy to make sure you have some heavy-duty roof tarps nearby in case of such an emergency.

What kind of roof tarps are best?

As there are so many roof tarps on the market, it’s difficult to know which tarps are best suited for your needs. But if you’re looking for roof tarps to protect the family home from the harsh elements and withstand our summer storms, there are a few things you need to look for.

Roof tarps materials

Now, there are as many different tarp materials as there are uses for tarps. However, not all of these are suitable to use on your roof. Let’s examine the different types of tarp materials and their different uses.

Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps are great for covering your belongings and offer protection against wet weather. They are lasting and are durable as they are hard to tear. And vinyl tarps provide some protection against oils, grease, hazardous liquids and are waterproof.

These tarps come in a variety of sizes, weights, grades, and thicknesses. However, not all vinyl tarps are suitable for covering your roof. There are many cheap and poorly made vinyl roof tarps on the market so it’s important to choose a tough and sturdy tarp.

Before purchasing a vinyl tarp, inspect the quality of the workmanship on the hems and seams. Examine the eyelets to ensure they’re reinforced to withstand strong winds and harsh treatment. Not all roof tarps are the same so be sure to choose a quality tarp to protect your home.

Canvas Tarps

Canvas is a sturdy fabric commonly used for making marquees, shelters, tarps, and tents.

And although canvas tarps are waterproof and breathable, they’re not ideal for using to protect your roof. The weight of canvas roof tarps is cumbersome, which makes them heavy and harder to manoeuvre. Not great when you’re walking around on top of a roof!

Poly Tarps

Then there are poly roof tarps which are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Poly Vinyl Chloride is one of the most widely manufactured synthetic materials in the world due to its affordability to produce.

Poly tarps are economical, waterproof, and even protect against Australia’s harsh UV rays.

These tarps are great for throwing over your outdoor furniture, your beloved caravan or boat and offer some protection during storms.

However, if you’re looking for roof tarps that are tough enough to stay on your storm-damaged roof until you’ve had a chance to repair it, you cannot go past Ripstop PVC tarps.

Durability in roof tarps – Preparing for storm season

It’s super important to choose roof tarps that are tough, durable, made from high-quality material and professionally manufactured. After all, if you lose your roof in a storm, you’re going to need extra strong roof tarps that will protect your home and its contents, from wild winds and water damage. And while roof tarps come in a variety of different materials, the toughest material by far is Ripstop PVC.

Choose Ripstop PVC roof tarps to protect your home

Ripstop PVC is super tough as the fabric is made with a special weave. This special weave prevents the tarp from ripping, cracking, and tearing and makes it the ideal fabric for manufacturing high-quality roof tarps. Our Ripstop PVC roof tarps are also waterproof, weatherproof and have a gloss acrylic lacquer on both sides, making our roof tarps easy to keep clean.

And because our Ripstop PVC roof tarps are designed to withstand harsh treatment, they’re long lasting! Which means you won’t have to replace your roof tarp year after year!

Our Brisbane made roof tarps are designed with the harsh Queensland weather in mind, so they’re tough, durable, and long lasting.

Order your roof tarps today and you won’t need to buy another tarp again!

Look for quality workmanship in your roof tarps

There are many places to buy tarps such as hardware stores, outdoor stores, and even online stores. But not all tarps are made with the same quality, or for the same purpose. Some tarps are made for general purposes like covering the kids’ sandpit or throwing over the outdoor furniture to keep the moisture out. And while these tarps are suitable for lightweight use, they’re unsuitable for use in rough and harsh conditions.

What to look for?

Well, there are a few ways you can tell if tarps are designed for heavy usage. First of all, inspect the seams of your tarp. Tarps with fully welded hems and seams are designed to withstand tough treatment. For example, our roof tarps are manufactured with double stitched hems for extra strength and we use advanced hot air welding technology in our tarps production. Our tarps also have reinforced D Rings and eyelets which means our roof tarps are tough enough to withstand strong winds, cyclones and large quantities of water.

The weight of the tarp

It’s easy to assume that all roof tarps are the same, but this isn’t the case. Tarps come in a variety of grades and weights and while lightweight tarps have their purpose, they are not appropriate to use to cover your roof.

If you’re looking to buy roof tarps to withstand some brutal Queensland weather, then you’ll need to ensure it’s made from heavyweight Ripstop PVC.

Remember, Ripstop PVC doesn’t tear, rip or crack! So, it’s perfect for protecting the family home.

Other factors to consider when looking at roof tarps

If your damaged roof is left untreated after a storm, you also run the risk of having a mould infestation spread throughout your home. Mould and mildew not only damage and destroy your belongings, if left untreated it causes a variety of health problems.

So, to avoid the whole mould infestation drama, ensure you look for roof tarps that are mould resistant. Ripstop PVC tarps are not only heavyweight, waterproof, tough, durable, they’re mould resistant.

So, your house will stay dry, safe and mould free until your tradesperson has repaired your roof.

The size of your roof tarp

As every single house in Australia is a different shape and size, it’s important to find roof tarps that are the appropriate size for your home. If you buy a tarp that’s too small, you may find your roof is still leaking during Queensland’s wet weather season. But if you buy one too big, it might be difficult to secure it during heavy winds.

The last thing you need is to be chasing an escaped roof tarp, up the street, in a torrential downpour. Luckily, we manufacture custom size roof tarps so no matter how big or how small your roof is, we’ll make the perfect size tarp to fit your dwelling.

Securing your roof tarps

If you’ve suffered damage to your roof, it’s important to assess the damage and find a suitable roof tarp to protect your home and contents.

  • Before buying a roof tarp, measure the size of your roof to ensure adequate coverage.
  •  For safety reasons, always wait until the storm has passed before attempting to tarp your roof.
  • Before securing your roof tarp, clear your roof of loose objects and debris.
  • Ensure you purchase heavy-duty Ripstop PVC roof tarps.
  • Our roof tarps are available in custom sizes, so we have roof tarps to suit all size roofs.

You can view some examples of quality Ripstop PVC roof tarps here.

Makers of Roof Tarps in Brisbane

We hope we’ve helped you decide on the perfect roof tarp for your needs. All our roof tarps are made with attention to detail and from premium quality Ripstop PVC.

So, you know your home will be protected with one of our high-quality roof tarps. Our business is based in Brisbane and proudly manufactures quality, Australian made roof tarps. If you’d like to know more about us, drop us a line here.